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Salman and Brenda's Place

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This is Salman and Brenda's web site. This site is to have everyone of our friends and family to learn more about us as well as eachother. We really hope you enjoy  our site, let us know! :)

We hope this site helps everyone to see our different cultures and where we each came from. Both have a rich history and background, and it's a wonderful thing to learn through our differences, how similar (and human!) we really are. ;)

What's New?

This site is currently under construction
2/4/05: We have an email link on this page and some more graphics, and more photos and text in the "About Us" section.
12/16/04: Added Bolero to background music upon opening page.

12/15/04: Added pages and updated navigation on the left side.

Salman and Brenda at Harissa

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