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Salman and Brenda's Place

About Us

About Us
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Salman and Brenda met because he had a lot of ego, and she wasn't sure she had enough. ;)


Salman grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and Brenda grew up in Nevada, USA. Salman has lived in Dubai, UAE as well as spent much time traveling in Europe. Brenda has traveled all of the USA, and has been to Mexico. The first trip to Beirut was her first trip out of the continent.
They both love to be close to nature, and enjoy hiking and watching wildlife, and Salman's totem animal is the WOLF. Brenda's totem animal is probably a bumblebee or something silly, she isn' sure. :)
 Salman loves scouting, computers, nice cars and being romantic. Brenda loves poetry, writing, computers, crafts, and being romantic. They both love travel, world history, arts and music.

Here are a few of our favorite things...

Brenda's favorite movies and music of the moment:
Movies: La Dolce Vita, Cinema Paradisio, Frida, most Audrey Hepburn movies
Music: Bolero Du Ravel, all Ennio Morricone, music from Phantom of the Opera
Of note: The first song Brenda and Salman listened to together was Bolero Du Ravel. The first movie that Salman and Brenda went to see together was Van Helsing, but it doesn't count because it was a mistake in choosing. So the next one, Vanity Fair, which we both liked, is the one we count as our first movie.

Here's a list of Salman's favorites:
Music: Bolero Du Ravel, Gigi L'Amoroso
Other things: Smelling Brenda's perfumed skin

Love is beautiful...

When two people are in love, its one of the most beautiful things in the world. Wouldn't you agree?