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Thanks for hitting up my web site.

My name is Brenda, to learn more about me, click on the links to the left. None of this stuff works though because this is under construction!

There is no purpose to this site, other than to inform you, of some of the more inspirational things I find in daily life.

"Garbage in, garbage out," as a prison chaplain once said. Bring on the garbage, I say!

Recommended book to read if you want to learn proper English:

Talking Trash with Redd Foxx, by Michael Dalton Johnson my review to follow

For any gay testosterone-laden, misanthropic Satanist wanna be Hitler to listen to:

The Boyd Rice Experience "Hatesville"
my review to follow

And finally, last but not least, music. Ahh music. Today, it's got to be:

Nil8...."Doug" my review to follow